The first step is de-nailing and removing any metal  from the raw material.

The wood is then sent through the Wood Mizer to be milled to a thickness of one inch, 

and a width specified by the customer. After milling, the raw flooring is kiln-dried

to ensure that all moisture has been removed from the wood. Running the raw flooring through the edger machine provides a straight-edged board in preparation for the tongue and groove edging that is added by the moulder machine. The moulder also finishes 

the board by adding back relief to the bottom of the flooring in order to stabilize the floor and prevent cupping. Each board is then carefully hand packed for transport to the job site.  

The process of reclaiming old, authentic barn beams, logs, and siding into precision-milled and kiln-dried wide plank flooring is all done by hand at  Baummer Sawmill. 

Reclaimed Antique Flooring